An Invitation to you…

Allow me to help…

Schedule a no charge consultation.

We will sit down and take 20 minutes to discuss your concerns and needs.

I will discuss how I may be able to help you, how much time and treatment it may take & the type of treatment I offer.

My techniques are different from most chiropractors in that I perform more muscle work, have tables that allow for more diverse techniques, I use both manual and machine to adjust, utilize traction decompression at a low cost & I schedule enough time to be thorough.

I don’t overtreat, yet please be aware that the average patient needs 7-14 treatments depending on the condition.

I will advise you on proper maintenance at home and let you decide how to utilize maintenance chiropractic care if you choose.

My pricing and treatment requirements are reasonable and fair. I usually can get resolve where others have have not been able. I am a clinician first, business person second.

I will commit to your improvement. You must meet me half way.
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Dr. Steven J Maniscalco