On the Move Chiropractic!!!

New Carolina has changed its name to “On the Move Chiropractic”. Dr. Steve is now providing on site service to homes, offices, and on location.
He is also practicing in Leland, NC with North Brunswick Chiropractic. 910.371.1200

You will notice the “On the Move Chiropractic” name change on Facebook, Twitter, and soon to this website and more…

Life changes fast and unexpectedly sometimes and Dr. Steve has had to adapt to those changes.

” I am excited to reinvent myself and continue to press onward delivering the best chiropractic care of my ability.
I want to travel more and also be accessible to people needing care so what better way than to load up the portable table and enjoy life on the go!”

” I am so grateful to my patients, friends, and especially family, my faithful dogs, and mini-rex Gary, that have made my practicing possible. They have made my life possible. I look forward to the future, I am eager for lifes’ next chapters”. Dr. Steve

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