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Post Surgical Pain…

Too many folks opt for surgery only to continue to have pain afterwards.
If surgery is necessary, if you have sincerely tried a full course of conservative treatment then I say you should sit down and discuss the type of surgery and what to expect with your surgeon. (Most folks don’t even fully know what to expect after surgery.) (Most believe it will be a complete fix when often that is not the case.) You need to know…If surgery is necessary, so be it.

If you have Not sincerely tried conservative treatment… Please consider our office and our form of treatment.

Why not rehabilitate the spine to deal with stresses it will encounter before you remove and contain parts of it with surgery?

Most folks don’t give enough time to correct the issue, they get disheartened because they want a complete fix, complete pain relief, no maintenance…..this is unfortunately tough to attain if you have heavy arthritis or degenerative disc. Don’t Worry though, maintenance isn’t a prison sentence, maintenance feels good…that’s why people keep going to the chiropractor…it feels good.

Post surgical pain is not uncommon…now you still have pain and a spine that is limited due to surgery.

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Dr. Steve


Our New Website & “About Misalignments”

We are very happy about our new website!    Thank You to Impact Media of Wilmington N.C. for patiently walking us through this process and moving us forward.

I encourage you to read the “about misalignments” section…Look at how much a misalignment affects the body….and the list is not even complete… Reduced energy from misalignment can affect body systems essential to quality of life. Some folks don’t even know they are there untill much damage has been done…Why do you think joint replacements are so common?

If you are ready & willing for a change,  please call our office. Allow us to help.  910-313-3275

Dr. Steve



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