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Last chance for year end pricing

The year is almost up. We have our massage deal, 4- hour long massages for $180, untill 12 noon tomorrow.

Our 2017 price for 4 massage deal is $200. Individual massages are $35 per half hour & $60 per hour.


We wish everyone a wonderful New Year.

Dr. Steve


Massage Gift Certificates Special Pricing for the Holidays!

Our Massage Therapist Rachel Holcomb will have special pricing for the Holiday:


Gift Certificates

30 minute massage for $30 (Typically $35)

1 Hour massages for $50. (Typically $60)

Purchase 4 – 1 hour massages for $180….some for yourself, some for friends….(Typically $200)


Great as gifts, A great deal for yourself, or both!

Our office Wishes everyone a fantastic Thanksgiving . We are grateful to be so fortunate and have our thoughts and hearts to those less fortunate.

We are donating to the local shelter from the October proceeds of our office. We thank you.


Time & Value

How much time does your doctor spend with you? How much money and time did you spend?
Did it solve the problem?

I spend more time than most other professionals when it comes to taking care of problems that affect your life. My practice is unique, Just like you.

If you have a diagnosis.
If you have an issue that won’t resolve.
If you’re “just living with it”
If you want a different answer, a different solution…

Call and schedule a time to speak with me. I won’t cost you anything but time. It could change your life.

Dr. Steve


Upcoming 2017 Changes…

2017 will bring changes to insurance regulations as well as price changes for those who pay out of pocket.

If you have thought about chiropractic care for any reason: sciatica, headaches, degenerative disc, herniated disc, neuropathy, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, etc…

Call our office and get scheduled before the end of year. Lock in 2016 pricing.

Call 313-3275.
Schedule a consultation.
Theres no charge untill you decide you want care.

Dr. Steve


Spinal Decompression

Have you have been doing research concerning spinal decompression for herniated discs, sciatica, stenosis, neuropathy, or other conditions?

Our office has more service and less cost than any other. We must raise prices slightly for 2017, so if you have considered treatment please give a call and talk with us.

Consultations are no charge and there is no sales pressure.

We are a smaller, low overhead practice, so we can pass cost efficiency down to you. We enjoy the time and quality we can provide. Our patients have had results with us after failures with other treatments and offices because we take the time and do more. Plain and Simple.

Looking for Honesty, Fairness, and True Effort towards your care? Please give us a call.

Thanks for Reading,
Dr. Steve
New Carolina Chiropractic


Choosing a Chiropractor

There are many techniques that a chiropractor may use to treat a patient. Some patients may prefer a stronger approach and some a lighter. Some prefer a more hands-on approach and some prefer less. There are also additional treatments such as decompression, flexion distraction, muscle stimulation, and specific muscle work that can help with certain conditions. A good chiropractor should have options for the patient even if that means referring out.

In my practice I use a blend of techniques to address the patient condition. I take time to explain why the patient is having symptoms. I make recommendations to the patient for home care and referrals if needed. I will sometimes even refer to another chiropractor for a different approach.

The idea is that chiropractic has many forms, take time to find the office, doctor, and technique that works for you… And give the treatments time… most likely you didn’t get the way you did overnight.

Thanks for reading,
Dr. Steve


Waiting for a problem…

Most folks wait until their body hurts to the point of extreme…But Think…Even the best automobile gets tuned up on a regular basis….Maintenance, even once per year is a better decision than waiting for a problem.

I hear too often the phrase “I didnt really do anything to hurt myself” or ” I was doing fine and all of a sudden”…this happens because normal wear and tear can go unnoticed as the body compensates….until the compensating can no longer withstand the forces of wear and tear….physical stresses…

Physical stresses can accumulate….they can go unnoticed…until sometimes to the point of muscle pull, ligament sprain, disc injury, joint degeneration, etc…

When was the last time anyone checked your range of motion? your physical joint alignment? your posture?

Unfortunately these areas don’t get checked at a routine physical. Hopefully in the future they will, for now you must take the initiative… before you get more wear and tear than you bargained for…

Thanks for reading,
Dr. Steve


Tricare Insurance

Many Military folks have Tricare Insurance. Our office has a special rate for military and military family patients with Tricare. Our rate per treatment is $35 for Military Tricare patients.
We thank and appreciate our military men & women.

Dr. Steve


Memorial Day

Our office will be closed during Memorial Day Weekend from Friday through Monday.
We will reopen on Tuesday 2pm.
We will check our messages on a regular basis throughout the weekend for emergencies. Please call if needed and we will return the call as soon as possible.

Thank You and Have a Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

Special Thank you to all our Service Men & Women. We enjoy our lives from your sacrifice.

Dr. Steve


Post Surgical Pain…

Too many folks opt for surgery only to continue to have pain afterwards.
If surgery is necessary, if you have sincerely tried a full course of conservative treatment then I say you should sit down and discuss the type of surgery and what to expect with your surgeon. (Most folks don’t even fully know what to expect after surgery.) (Most believe it will be a complete fix when often that is not the case.) You need to know…If surgery is necessary, so be it.

If you have Not sincerely tried conservative treatment… Please consider our office and our form of treatment.

Why not rehabilitate the spine to deal with stresses it will encounter before you remove and contain parts of it with surgery?

Most folks don’t give enough time to correct the issue, they get disheartened because they want a complete fix, complete pain relief, no maintenance…..this is unfortunately tough to attain if you have heavy arthritis or degenerative disc. Don’t Worry though, maintenance isn’t a prison sentence, maintenance feels good…that’s why people keep going to the chiropractor…it feels good.

Post surgical pain is not uncommon…now you still have pain and a spine that is limited due to surgery.

Thank you for reading,
Dr. Steve