Do you accept Insurance?

Yes, at the Leland office. We are in network with most insurance programs including BCBS, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, etc.
Mobile & On-Site Services are cash only.

How much does Mobile & On-Site Services cost?

Mobile & On-Site Cash Rates are $120.00 for initial visit and $80.00 each visit thereafter. This can be paid with cash or credit card.
Discounted Rates are given if multiple people will be treated. {2-$70 per, 3-$60 per, 4-$50 per}

Do you accept Tricare?

Tricare doesn’t have off-base benefits. We give Tricare patients, at the Leland office, a discounted cash rate. We thank & appreciate our Military.

Do you accept Medicare?

Yes, at the Leland office.

Do I need a referral?

No. You may schedule with us directly.

Is there a contract?

No. We make a recommendation and allow the patient to choose how to proceed.

Will I need XRays or an MRI?

It is not always necessary. Dr. Steve will perform an examination and determine if any imaging is needed. If an XRay or MRI is needed Dr. Steve will let you know and make a referral.

What is the typical number of treatments for a patient?

Typically 6-12 treatments to get stable pain resolution and proper function. Every patient is different, some have seen great results with 2-3 visits and some have needed 16-24. There are many variables.

Why not just get surgery and “fix” the spine?

Simply put, it is very hard to make the spine better by subtracting pieces and making it less flexible. Conservative treatment first to try to correct and restore the spine would seem like a better first option in many cases.

I have been told that surgery or medications and injections are the only option for me, is that true?

Many times we can get results where other treatments could not. In fact, many patients who have already had surgery will seek chiropractic treatment because the surgery didn’t take the pain away or left the patient with scar tissue that caused problems.

Do chiropractors work with medical doctors for referrals if needed?

Yes. If a referral is needed we will recommend proper testing and/or a proper specialist for you to consult with. Dr Steve has a network of providers in the area that he will recommend.

Is paying cash for treatment affordable?

Yes. The office has a very conservative cash rate of $45 per treatment. At times, cash can be more affordable than insurance. We will evaluate your plan and let you know which way serves you best. We also allow patients to pay in advance for treatments at a discount rate.

What is the cost for a 1st visit?

Insurance Coverage Varies with each plan. If cash at office, cash rate for 1st visit is $105.00 which includes Exam & 1st treatment.
“The Goal is to educate the patient to their…Spinal Fingerprint…
Every body has a Unique Structure… Know your body and know how to keep it well.”

  1. Get out of pain
  2. correct the underlying issue
  3. Maintain

“Too many times doctors of all types become limited in their approach to a patients needs and look for the fastest, easiest, and most profitable way to address an issue…The trouble is that many times this leads to unresolved problems or different problems.

“Life is too important to live in pain”

Dr. Steve Maniscalco, M.S., D.C.

Manual Therapy

Using knowledge of many different Muscle and Joint techniques, some by hand and some by instrument, Dr Steve can help with troubles that perhaps were difficult for other providers.

Flexion Distraction / Continuous Passive Motion

This technique is known largely for disc issues such as disc bulges, herniations, degenerative disc, etc. It is also used generally to provide movement and circulation to areas of the spine that have stiffness and are not functioning properly. The table has a tilting neck section and a tilting pelvic section. The doctor will utilize this movement with some pressure directed to the spine on the areas that need.

Thompson Drop Thechnique

This adjusting technique does not require any twisting or “popping” of the spine and is extremely comfortable yet very effective. The table has sections which simply raise an inch or two and drop down with slight pressure of the doctors hands. This can be used for lower back, neck, mid back, and shoulders.

Diversified Adjustment

Hands on Adjusting by our Dr. offering 15+ Years Experience

Diversified adjusting is considered by many to be the mainstay of the chiropractic profession. Our doctor have successfully and safely adjusted thousands of patients ranging from children, adolesents, athletes, adults, and seniors. The chiropractic profession has been classified as the safest of all medical professions and chiropractors pay the lowest malpractice insurance. Our doctors also adjust the extremities such as TMJ, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles and feet. Doctors of Chiropractic work on all joints of the body

Custom Exercise Program

Dr. Steve will provide a customized stretching & exercise prescription for each patients particular condition.

Custom Foot Orthotics

We utilize True Custom Foot Orthotics, not the Dr. Scholls pretend custom orthotics, though Dr Steve will actually recommend Dr Scholls over the counter orthotics or something similar if price is an issue. Their “custom” line may actually not work well because too much correction that is unsupervised by a doctor can lead to trouble.

Having Dr. Steve make a recommendation for orthotics while checking the feet and ankles as well as the pelvic and hip structures makes a difference also. Dr. Steve can guide you to what will best suit your needs.