Doctor & Staff

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Dr. Steve Maniscalco ~ Chiropractic Physician, Masters Health Science

Dr. Steve will accept new patients looking for something different. Dr. Steve is also a patient himself. Dr. Steve grew up struggling with scoliosis and had trouble with pain & his back “locking-up” on him. He says “Even walking was difficult at a young age”. By chance, a friend of the family was a chiropractor. With regular treatments Dr. Steve was able to play sports and function as well as anyone else. This was a dramatic change from feeling that his body just wasn’t able to function properly. He knew at that time Chiropractic Science would be his life’s work.

His experience includes practicing alongside top level sports chiropractors & trainers while studying at Life University in Marietta, Georgia obtaining his Doctor of Chiropractic. He was one of few chosen to work in the Running Eagles Sports Medicine Clinic while completing his Masters Degree. Dr. Steve also holds a Bachelors in Nutrition. Although he is native to Queens, New York he is an Alumni of UNC-Wilmington where he was one of few to attain the University’s Leadership Certificate.


Charlie, T.D. ~ Therapy Dog

Charlie, Dr. Steve’s dog can be seen on occasion greeting patients. He can also be seen at many outside events both work related and casually. Charlie is a certified TDI Dog (Therapy Dogs International). He enjoys visits with patients providing a warm greeting free of charge.