Choosing a Chiropractor

There are many techniques that a chiropractor may use to treat a patient. Some patients may prefer a stronger approach and some a lighter. Some prefer a more hands-on approach and some prefer less. There are also additional treatments such as decompression, flexion distraction, muscle stimulation, and specific muscle work that can help with certain conditions. A good chiropractor should have options for the patient even if that means referring out.

In my practice I use a blend of techniques to address the patient condition. I take time to explain why the patient is having symptoms. I make recommendations to the patient for home care and referrals if needed. I will sometimes even refer to another chiropractor for a different approach.

The idea is that chiropractic has many forms, take time to find the office, doctor, and technique that works for you… And give the treatments time… most likely you didn’t get the way you did overnight.

Thanks for reading,
Dr. Steve

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