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Spine, Discs, & Joints /

Muscle, Tendon, & Soft Tissue Conditions

Attention to Detail

Dr. Steves treatment is a culmination of years of studying, training, and experience.

Out of the patients considering surgical options, 96% of cases no longer needed surgery.

Dr. Steves technique utilizes a group of procedures which addresses all areas of restructuring and correction. Look under Services to see more..


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  • Corrections for All Body Regions; Spine, Shoulder, Hips, etc.
  • Modern Innovative Techniques / Traditional Doctor Caring.
  • Full Muscle & Joint Treatment.
  • On-site or at Leland,NC office.
  • On-site Massage Therapy to help ease your tension, pain, and help you fully recover.
  • Digital Range of Motion Evaluations.
  • Hands-on Manual Therapy Techniques to address Soft Tissue.
  • Flexion/Distraction Technique for disc & joint health.
  • Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Treatments (a higher level of disc & joint seperation).

My practice belief:

Your doctor should care as much as you do.



Do You Have Any of These?


Degenerated Disc/Joint

Herniated Discs


Spinal Stenosis

Sciatica(Hip Pain)




Pinched Nerves

Back Pain

Shoulder Trouble

Knee Pain

Difficulty Walking

Facet Syndrome

Stiffness/Loss of Mobility

Post Surgical Pain

…We have helped all of these.